Dating and Disability

Weddings and WheelsSource: Dating and Disability


Dating and Disability

Weddings and Wheels – by Roxanne Furlong

The article is available in New Mobility Magazine. There is no link that I am aware and

I would rather get something right than wrong! It is available free of charge through   If you know anyone with a disability or caregiver, I would recommend

it highly. They have numerous resources from sexuality to SSDI. They also have great resources for veterans with disabilities. They have a webinar on sensuality and connectedness. In addition they have a newsletter and list of support groups.

So it is going to take a while to get the kinks out of my blog. Best to all! Be well.

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Valeitines Planogram

Moms and girls just wanna have fun, or families. Here are some DIY ideas for

any of your Valentines Soirees. They are budget friendly as well as reflect some current

trends in crafting. Hey as somebody who has limited ability to be a kitchen guru, I am always looking for freezed dried or instant Wow. I admire women who desire to put the time in to bake and make. In the past, you had to be ‘artsy fartsy. Now it seems that people on etsy know the best way to market.

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Lessen For Today

The Sweet Life

The Sweet Life, carefree, indulgent, wealth. Most of us identify with it in a physical

sense. The tangible part motivates us to find what the sweet part is out of life. The everyday is not so exciting. I dread grocery shopping due to are there any motorized

carts in the store? How much should I budget for this item or that expense. Most of the world cannot afford the luxury of thinking in tangible or abstract terms. The sweet life can mean something that does not have to be about me or material goal. Rather, it is a “sweet gesture,” to give someone a flower, cookies, or phone call. Let’s make it personal

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