Strawberry Moon Walk


The phases of the moon influence tides and other liquid phenomena.  Farmers have traditionally used the moon phases to plan planting and harvest schedules.  The Farmer’s Almanac, formerly ver…

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The 5 piece weekend wardrobe — THE LT BLOG

Accessory Hack

1 Our Aventine Necklace Has Been Peeped by Oprah Magazine as a one piece wonder from boardroom to beach. We have several complimenting items in statement earrings which are convertible. We have a smaller wire earring with metallic fringe that is removable.

We also offer some additional enticements if you think Le Tote might be remiss with what they think is a complete weekender recommendation. One needs a tote bag with tassels filled our sunglasses, italian weaved beach wrap or “sarong” and sunscreen.




These 5 pieces will make you sail through the weekend. From a family picnic to brunch with the girls or date night… Whatever might be on the agenda, we have you covered: The summer jacket The summer jacket is an essential layer. Something that is versatile enough to go from the museum to dinner. We […]

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The Power of Makeup

You could model our #BunCuffs and bun bar as seen on #Elle and #Refinery29 and I also #StatementNecklace featured in #OprahMagazine check on my boutique
#DiversityModels Disabled Biz Woman and #AutismMom

Life of KB


Makeup is a powerful thing. It is something I cherish and find relaxation in. Many people who aren’t makeup lovers may look at that statement and say to themselves, “Damn KB what are you smoking?”, but every makeup lover KNOWS makeup is one of the most amazing things to have ever been created.

My love for makeup started in high school. I wasn’t that good at

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