Green is the new black

Congratulations! I am so happy to be affiliated with #LeTote

The Le Tote Blog

We are thrilled to share that Le Tote has been picked for the final 100 in this year’s Sustainia100 publication. Here are five ways that Le Tote is helping create our sustainable future.

blog sustainia1. The average American generates 60 pounds of textile waste each year — that’s 19 billion pounds of textiles, 85% of which is sent to landfill (source: ThreadP Annual Resale Report). With a Le Tote subscription, you are a part of the sharing economy and you reduce your carbon footprint without even knowing it!

2. Did you know that 80% of a woman’s wardrobe is not worn on a regular basis? Le Tote’s wear-return-repeat model helps women not to constantly shop for things they might never end up wearing. Wasteful retail practices have significant economic and environmental consequences. We’re committed to creating a sustainable, value driven solution for our members, Le Tote is doing its part to…

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