Style Share: Marial Biard

The Le Tote Blog

Meet Marial Biard — our style share winner of the month. A pediatric medical music therapist at a children’s hospital in Houston, TX, Marial wears scrubs and a guitar to work everyday and insists she is the epitome of a fashion faux pas Monday-Friday!
She uses music to help kids and their families cope with the worst parts of their hospitalization.
“It is my job to take the pain and tears away and replace them with joy and music. The sacrifice of my workday style pales in comparison to the reward I gain each day. And when I am not singing and strumming, I can be found throwing tea parties for one — aka me binge watching Netflix while drinking tea, getting her sun salutations on at yoga, or spending time exploring H-Town with my handsome/brilliant/studly fiancé.”
Marial has a new addiction for macaroons, an old addiction for travel (Costa Rica for her honeymoon is up next)…

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