Jeans Sales Showing First Growth in Years, NPD — WWD

Nearly 304 million pairs of women’s jeans were sold in the 12 months ending June 2016. via Jeans Sales Showing First Growth in Years, NPD — WWD

Source: Jeans Sales Showing First Growth in Years, NPD — WWD


Monday Motivation

I struggle to get out of bed every day! I never thought that I would still walk some and limp around some! I do and I am motivated to advocate, make money and exchange ideas. I love people and they do not always like me.
It is of little consequence. My health dictates everything I do or don’t do.
Attitude is important. A cucumber cannot magically turn into a pickle. It is a process and once pickelized, the road to cucumberville is closed. This is my attitude about disability and life. Welcome to cusumberville. I like both!

Anxiety in relationships and the workplace

Anxiety manifests itself in dramatic ways. We seem to ignore this mighty defense mechanism and the power it has over human nature

Okay Becca, breathe.

This is undoubtedly going to be one of the most personal, and hardest, blog posts to write if anything; because it is the reason behind my biggest downfalls as a person- how my anxiety affects me in relationships and in the workplace.

It’s no secret that I am quite a sensitive person as it is. Mix that in with anxiety, and we have breakdown after breakdown in a relationship. Dear my future partner: good luck.

I don’t think I have ever openly sat here and spoke about how bad my anxiety can get in relationships. I am incredibly worried about people in my life leaving me as it is, and that is no different in relationships. It’s hard to admit that you constantly feel like you’re not good enough for the person you love. I mean, it’s me. Why would anyone want to commit to me?


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6 Ways To Explore Creativity​

I like your content and presentation! Nice thoughts for young entrepreneurs. Dr. Dorrie Cooper

Creativity in social media has exploded!  Initially, many saw social media as a way to connect with friends and family – especially those friends and families who either moved away or had grown apart.  However, it is a powerful tool for bringing creativity to the forefront.

6-Ways-Explore-Creativity-SweetsnsnarksAs many keep up with current events, it stands to reason that many are turning to Instagram (among other sites) to look at beautiful photos by photographers, writers, painters, sculptors, jewelry makers, and paper crafters.  

Whether immersing yourself hands-on in creativity, starting a small biz, and/or taking a look at the work of others, creativity allows you to dream.

“Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.” Anais Nin  

What Is Creativity?

  • Creativity is a palette cleanser for everyday life – In this high-speed WiFi age, information is brought…

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