Amazing Benefits Of Mangoes For Skin, Hair, And Health — princeuduakblog

Mangoes are such a great fruit and they are one fruit I like on my lunch dates.

The Daily Advocate By Painspeaks

We all love the juicy and rich flavor of mangoes, don’t we? When basking in the heat of the scorching summers, I prefer having any variant of the king of fruits in any form – be it a glass of chilled mango shake, or sliced avatar of the super fruit. And I’m sure you all will relate to me, reminiscing the childhood days that were full of carefree laughter, fairytales, and grandpa’s garden mangoes. There are a million (okay, not a million, but you got my point!) varieties of this splendidly tasty fruit as seen all across the nation, and I bet you all have had a taste of heavenly Alphonso, Chausa, Dasheri, and what not! If I were to talk about my favorite, I would love to spread my choice of peculiar and end-of-season Langra mango that is so pulpy and amazing that I used to have like 4-5…

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