Monday Motivation

I struggle to get out of bed every day! I never thought that I would still walk some and limp around some! I do and I am motivated to advocate, make money and exchange ideas. I love people and they do not always like me.
It is of little consequence. My health dictates everything I do or don’t do.
Attitude is important. A cucumber cannot magically turn into a pickle. It is a process and once pickelized, the road to cucumberville is closed. This is my attitude about disability and life. Welcome to cusumberville. I like both!


2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. There are no easy tracks in life and we lose sight of how great we really are. Americans need to come from a place of plenty so share with the empty.
    Sad, I share guilt with this in my own life. Just stand for a little something so you can stand yourself.

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